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What is DatumXpress?

DatumXpress is a new integration for QuickBooks Online designed to minimize manual data entry workflows.

Think of it like an expressway for your data - simply use our SMART templates to aggregate your data and send them through our DatumXpress dashboard. The platform runs comprehensive error diagnostics before auto-syncing data directly into QuickBooks Online.

Why do I need this software?

Currently, the process to input data into Quickbooks Online is very manual and error-prone. DatumXpress allows you to seamlessly sync your data into QuickBooks Online and automates error detection to simplify your workflow.

How do I use DatumXpress?

Start by downloading relevant templates from our Template Library. Populate your data into the templates and send them through the dashboard. DatumXpress will perform double due diligence and validation in real time before pushing the data into QuickBooks Online.

How does this make error resolution faster?

Right now, QuickBooks Online only lets you QA one error at a time. Instead, DatumXpress performs AI-enabled validation and due diligence and produces a comprehensive report identifying all errors that need to be resolved at once. Simply fix the errors and re-submit the files through the dashboard.

How does it sync into QuickBooks Online?

The system auto-detects and categorizes the SMART template types, performs multi-platform due diligence, and pushes the data into QuickBooks Online.

Do I need to have financial knowledge to use DatumXpress?

No! It's a "Paint by Numbers" approach to accounting, designed for the novice user all the way up to the CFO.  Simply follow the step-by-step instructions, upload your files and enjoy faster monthly reconciliations.

I have multiple QuickBooks accounts. can I use this across my clients? 

Yes! DatumXpress is designed to support unlimited company accounts. Our pricing scale calculates the exact users and company profiles that you need so that you only pay for the licenses you use.

How is this priced?

Our base pricing is $25 / month for one QuickBooks Online company and one user. From there, you can add on additional users and companies for an additional monthly fee.  

What templates are in the library?

We have three types of templates:

Type 1 Templates
Account Configuration Templates

These are filled out and sent through the dashboard one-time to set up new clients in QuickBooks Online or to update core client details.

These include: Chart of Accounts, Classes, Customers, Department, Employees, Items | Products | Services, Vendors.

All Type 1 files need to be uploaded first through the platform before any Type 2 templates can be pushed.

Type 2 Templates
Operating Templates

These can be uploaded once all Type 1 file data has been included.

These include:
Bills, Bill Payments, Credit Card Charges, Credit Card Credits, Deposits, Estimates, Invoices, Journal Entries, Purchase Orders, Purchases –Cash, Refund Receipts, Sales Receipts, Transfers, Time Activities, VendorCredits.

Note: Quickbooks Online has archived the following template functions: Locations, Checks, Credit Memos, Expenses and Receive Payments. These are now embedded within other template categories.

[Coming soon] Type 3:
Accrual Automations

These  let you create revenue & expense waterfalls, deferred revenue, prepaid assets, and fixed asset schedules.

Our Type 3 templates will be launching soon and include Amortization, Depreciation, Deferred Revenue and Pre-Paid Assets.

What is the difference between a Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 template? 

Type 1 are client account templates used to set-up first time client accounts in Quickbooks Online or update core client details (i.e. adding a new vendor or customer).

Type 2 files are used for ongoing operations on existing clients.

Type 3 files represent a bonus feature, letting you automate your accrual schedules.

What languages does this currently work for?

Currently, DatumXpress is only available in English.

[Coming soon] How does DatumXpress pull data from Salesforce? 

This feature is coming soon.

Our algorithms pull data, auto-populate relevant templates, and push the data into QuickBooks.

Additionally, our integration allows you to sync into your CRM in order to create deferred revenue schedules by importing contract data, allowing you to set your parameters before pushing into the dashboard and sending through.

What other software does Datum Express integrate with?

We are working on other integrations to streamline additional QuickBooks workflows. DatumXpress will integrate with Salesforce soon.

Proprietary algorithms detect, categorize, and push data into QB